Having a Plan B!

I’m definitely not the first to say life doesn’t always go to plan (and I’m sure I won’t be the last) but I know that it can suck when life doesn’t seem to want to do what you want.

I was so set on how I wanted next year to go and now it seems I have to change plans again. If all had gone my way, I’d start studying acting full time at the top acting school in Melbourne but sadly this year wasn’t my year. Instead of just moping until auditions for the 2018 intake I’m going to make the most of my spare time.

Next year I’m going to do more acting masterclasses to try out a bunch of different styles, I’m going to work on getting more roles in shows/short films, I’m going to go see shows at smaller theatre companies and I’m going to get fitter. I’m going to make myself a better actor so the next time I audition I can show I’ve grown.

I desperately want to get into this school and I’ll keep trying to but I’ve realised that I can’t put my life on hold for it. I want to act so I’ll just have to work harder to get those opportunities and if along the way, I get into the school then I’ll be thrilled! But each year I want to be growing and developing rather than putting all my hopes into one pathway.

The thing is, I don’t want to limit myself by saying I’ll only be satisfied if this happens because I’ve had knockbacks before and it just made me that much more grateful when I finally achieved what I wanted. So yes, I may have cried about not getting in which is fine to do. But now, I’m going to make the most of the year ahead because I know if I keep honing in on my craft people are bound to see it.

I’m unsure about what next year is going to be like…but that’s exciting because it has so much potential.




One thought on “Having a Plan B!

  1. Life never goes to plan, it’s more about having the long term goal along with a fall back plan. Life gives the twists and turns and curveballs that tests your mettle and seeks adaptability. I have always encouraged you to have options as much as I have encouraged to be flexible due to the fact I have not only my life experiences but others too and a good teacher that got me to observe life and patterns of life. More often than not when everything rides on one outcome it has more likelihood of failure then if we put maximum effort and have covered alternative outcomes and paths to persue. It’s that inability to bend at a pivotal point that can be the undoing because it’s so important and has no options. You know it’s important however timing is the difference between when you would like something to happen and when everything lines up for it to happen. The flexibility of options is the ability to make slight and quick changes in direction and create or see opportunities when presented. I have had discussions and observations of many people whom talk experience from a lost cause point of view and invariably it’s borne by an inflexibility of vision and options which resulted in dreams being shattered. Remember a fact is just that and is unchangeable whereas a dream has endless possibilities.

    We need to be doing things that create milestones and achievements along the way. This gives a sense of achievement and growth so we a building along the way and helps with focus as much as tangible positives to feed you and make you feel like life and time is not just passing you by. Be ready and aware we can self sabotage as much as others can sabotage your goals through impatience of self or jealousy from others. Advice is good to understand the intent to which the advice is given and this helps to either take it onboard and save hurdles or be aware it can be an opinion without much basis.

    Finally with each achievement or setback always self review as it ensures you add to your learning and possible adjustments for future. Never regret however learn what you can do better next time.


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