My Relationship With Books

I love books so much. I’ve yet to find something more satisfying than curling up and reading for hours upon hours. However, I’m ashamed to say that I don’t read books nearly enough anymore.

I have always considered myself a reader. All through my life from about 10-16 years old I always had a book in my hand. I remember a point in my life where I was reading two or three a week. I spent many nights with little sleep just so I could finish the book I was on, I’d race my best friend to see who could read their book the fastest, I just consumed book after book and I loved it.

Books gave me a time to relax. I didn’t have to do any thinking about my problems because the characters had their own so my mind was quiet. I got to experience so many places and emotions through books that nothing else could create for me and it also stimulated my imagination. I remember my dreams being more vivid, I’d have more random ideas, and my daydreams were frequent.

I guess as I got into the older levels of school study was all I thought about and I had a boyfriend and work commitments and family issues so I just let my habit of reading slip away. It’s hard getting back into a habit when you’ve stopped I’m still working on it. I also built up a high expectation for books because I don’t always have a lot of time to read so I don’t want to waste that time on a book that I don’t like. Stupid thought I suppose but it has stopped me from reading a full physical book in the past year. I’ll read fanfiction because at the very least I like the characters but mostly to get my share of stories I’ve been listening to audio books.

Don’t get me wrong here, audio books can be incredible and are perfect for tram rides home and when you want to close your eyes and just hear a story. But I do miss having my own versions of the characters voices in my heads and choosing how they speak myself. I sometimes feel like I’d like a character better if it wasn’t being portrayed the way the reader chose. Also, I miss the physical feeling of a book.

I am going to make a conscious effort to start properly reading again because I know I love it. I think I need to stop letting life get in the way of life…if that makes any sense? Yes, I want to live in the present but I also want to be aiming towards a better future me and I want future Paige to be a passionate reader so I have to start somewhere.



One thought on “My Relationship With Books

  1. Life can be consuming …. consuming of excuses however if we look at how much time we have used versus how much time is needed for a task we see a big gap. Setting a timetable of sorts can ensure we put in time for our passions, hobbies and things that set the tone of individuality as much as we do for work, sleeping and eating. The difference is that our body tells us that we need the rest and to be fed while the survival as much as the job sets the times of work. Feeding ourselves mentally and balance is just as important. So think of recognition as the first step to enlightenment and set aside time to do. Bare minimum is existence balance is living


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