When The Audition Nerves Hit…

I can confirm that I am the most nervous I have ever been for an audition. My audition for my dream drama course is in 2 weeks 6 days and I am dying from the anticipation.

I auditioned for the same course last year and got really far, in fact, I got so far that the only step further I could make is to get in. It’s strange for me to be nervous so early on because I usually don’t get nervous until I’m in the room and I can see the judging panel in front of me. This has pros in that I am super calm and collected leading up to it but cons in that when I do get nervous I have a matter of minutes to calm myself.

I think because I want this so badly the nerves have decided to come earlier…joy. I suppose I should take it as a blessing though because now I get the chance to work through my nerves before the big day (I’m still expecting to be nervous but hopefully it’ll be more manageable nerves).

I know that when I’m prepared I’m already a lot less nervous and I am prepared so that’s one. I also want to write out the worst case scenario for myself. If I don’t get in I’ll be sad BUT I will just try again next year. When I write it out it seems far simpler than in my head…humans are complex.

I have noticed that these nerves aren’t necessarily all from fear, there’s excitement too. I know I’ve progressed a lot this year and I feel ready to take on a big acting school. So I guess I’m excited for the assessors to see that and I’ve realised that I do actually have a pretty big shot at getting in.

It’s just so hard having something you’ve wanted so long within your reach and having to rely on your performance on a single day as to whether this is the year you make it. AAH! I’m sure I’ll be fine but jeez even after doing so many auditions and shows I still get nervous but I am glad of it because it gives me an adrenaline boost and keeps me on my toes.

For anyone out there with big auditions coming up how do you keep calm? Also Chookas 😀



One thought on “When The Audition Nerves Hit…

  1. Nerves can give you an edge as much as they are a part of your makeup. It’s more a matter of knowing it’s a part of you and learning how to best manage them. It can help to always have a option, this way it can reduce the intensity and all or nothing scenarios. Life can seem like extremes when in reality it’s limitations and expectations we put on ourselves. We can also put a lower value on experience gained and achievements leading up to that moment and thus the nerves overtake. Like a sales person you need to puff yourself up and reflect some self confidence and self belief that regardless it’s their loss if the Miss the opportunity of getting you. Yes it’s a bummer if not pulled off however it’s another step closer to your own individual path.


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