My Safety Net

It’s okay everyone I didn’t die! These past two weeks have been intense…starting off with an infection/virus/whatever it was that left me bedridden for a week (shout out to my boyfriend for being my personal slave during that time), then I had a bit of a scare which caused me to cry hysterically but that’s been pretty much resolved now so all g, and THEN it was production week for my show Beauty and The Beast Jr so I think I’m fully justified in taking so long to make another post.

Those close to me with already know the specific details of what made my world get shaken up in the past two weeks causing me to questions myself, my relationship, etc so I’m not going into details there but going through that rough patch has made me so thankful for all the people I have as support. They are my safety net and when scary, uncharted situations come up, it’s them who keep me going.

When the whole thing went down I was lucky enough to have my best friend, Elise, with me and she was the one calming me down and reassuring me. She didn’t make me talk she didn’t do anything but hug me as I cried and got water for me and told me to breathe. I don’t have enough words to describe how much Elise does for me and has always done, she never lets me down and has always been there when I’ve needed her. As well as Elise being there I called my dad, we’ve always been close and he is my first point of contact on basically everything so I knew he’d be able to give me some insight and love. My dad is so wise! Yes, we goof around and make jokes and debate and have fun but honestly, he doesn’t give me any bullshit when it comes to helping me.

I think you can kind of forget about all the people that are there for you when you don’t need them and so when this happened it just reinforced what I want in a friend. I’ve always been sort of picky with friends for a multitude of reasons but now my criteria for a friend is someone who I can enjoy being with and who will give as much as they take. I want people who can add to my safety net and not detract from it.

I watched Melanie Murphey’s video about her dad having a heart attack and she was talking about how her dad had all his family there and for her she had her friend Hannah looking after her when she couldn’t get to him. I thought that was another perfect example of needing a safety net. I like to think I am part of my friend’s safety nets because I know they are part of mine.

Safety nets are such an underrated thing just because we don’t necessarily have to use them all the time! But even something as simple as being able to look at your friends and confidently saying ”yes, they will have my back’ is such a comforting feeling. I guess the point of this post was to say a thank you to all the people who have helped and continue to help me as well as to hopefully make you take a look at the people you are friends with and ask if they would have your back too.



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