Having a Best Friend

Bit excited to write this one because it’s about one of the most special people in my life and I love her (bet she’s reading this, so apologies for sappiness).
SO! Best friends, right? Love them, support them, have muffin fights with them (or is that just me?) basically they are the friend that’ll have your back regardless and who it’s just easy to be with, nothing is forced and you don’t have to talk every day to know you can just suddenly text them about how you broke the microwave trying to heat up a croissant (again, that’s probably just me).
My best friend, Elise, has been my best friend for nearly 5 years now (go team) so I’m writing this to sort of say thank you to her for taking up half a decade of my life. While writing this I’ve been reminded of all the stupid shit we did that thought was hilarious (our poor parent) and the times where we have been each other’s rock. I can see how we have grown stronger together and that’s something I really treasure.
Surprisingly, we didn’t start out as best friends. Elise originally didn’t like me in year 7, we had one class together and I used to throw her pencil case around the room so she had good reason not to like me. But then in year 8, after being forced to talk thanks to one of our mutual friends, we realised that we just clicked. Elise was the person who could deal with my loud antics and knew how to calm me down, she was also the person who made me laugh the hardest and thus our friendship blossomed.
We’ve been there for each other since, for the late night chats, 3-hour phone calls (where I always called back if she tried hanging up on me), giant water balloon fights in matching jumpsuits, and holding each other when we broke down in tears.
I’m all honesty, before Elise, I didn’t know what a best friend could be. I thought I knew; I called lots of people my ‘best friend’ but when you actually meet your true best friend (even if it takes a couple years) you know that they are in for the long haul. I kind of describe it as finding your soulmate in friend form; they are irreplaceable and you know that you would actually drive to help them at 3am in the morning or use public transport if you really had to (god forbid).
I’ve always been picky about my friends. I don’t really have time to deal with drama and negativity in my life so when I open up to someone they’ve gained my trust and respect. It’s really worked for me because now I have a solid group of friends who I know I can count on and it’s something that makes me really grateful in life.
All I can say is, you can live without ever meeting your best friend and have lots of really close friends and still be very happy, but once you meet your best friend you can’t go back. That’s the case for me at least; I know I couldn’t live without Elise and I don’t plan too. In the words of High School Musical ‘we’re all in this together!’ (not even sorry for that).
Thank you, Elise for being the best Best Friend, I know I’m a lot of work so thanks for sticking around for the ride.
Feel free to tell about your best friends below.

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